Photovoltaic system and efficiency for companies


Sustainable energy for companies: we take on the challenge

The production of electricity from renewable sources is increasingly a technical and social solution of particular interest and advantage.

It is impossible to deny it: we are facing a challenge. It is not only a question of finding a solution to an ever-increasing need for energy but also of achieve it in an ethically more equitable and sustainable way. This is the condition that the world is facing with the current ecological transition, and this is the only way forward for us and our planet.

As a result, with this type of overview, it can be understood how a company, whether it is a multinational or a small-medium-sized company, having a constant and increasing consumption according to its productivity, needs to be able to support itself in the development of its production cycle.

This overview, in relation to the world of companies, aims to highlight the benefits of installing a plant to produce energy from renewable sources, such as photovoltaic modules.

Photovoltaic systems for companies

A company is, in all its aspects, a complex organization that contributes, together with the rest of the surrounding community, to the development and progress of the society in which it insists and develops.

It is therefore of fundamental importance to gain awareness that the action taken by an individual and even more by a company can open different scenarios for the economic and cultural development of the entire community.

Every company needs, for the simple fact of setting up a company, higher energy consumption than is necessary for an individual. Within a company there are several individuals who cooperate in productivity and the achievement of the company's goals. It is essential to imagine the modern and sustainable company of today and even more so that of the future as the "core" that not only supports itself but that, if necessary, supports the rest of the community of which it is an active and integral part.

The production of energy from photovoltaics is based on the installation of photovoltaic panels that transform the energy generated by the sun into "clean" electricity, since it does not result from the combustion of any hydrocarbon with the consequent generation of emissions into the atmosphere of polluting gases that cause a negative backlash for the ecosystem.

The simplicity of the photovoltaic energy production process, together with its easy installation process, make this technology the best technical solution and of greater benefit when compared to other energy supply solutions. The reduced components present in photovoltaic generators have further advantages related to the maintenance of the systems. These, in fact, generally consist of the following components:

  • PV Modules;
  • Inverter;
  • Cables;
  • Electrical panels;

As can be seen, this limited number of components, which also benefit from medium-long warranty periods (even up to 25 years for modules), means that the contingencies of failure and therefore of corrective maintenance intervention are reduced, further reducing out-of-service plant and management costs.

The advantage of this type of energy production is therefore of dual value and can be represented as:

  • Economic benefit;
  • Environmental benefit

The power value to be installed, depending, of course, on the ultimate goal assumed by a company, is calculated mainly based on the energy consumption required by the company's production cycle, sizing the plant on the operating hours of the machinery and/or utilities and work shifts. The hours of light present in a day must be considered, which are a function of the geographical position, the seasons and, lastly, the climatic conditions. These are all the criteria that determine the correct sizing of the system.

The storage system for the photovoltaic system for companies

When it comes to photovoltaic systems for companies, doubts are often raised about the "limited" duration of daylight hours. How to overcome this "problem"? There are now, and are increasingly efficient, storage systems that can guarantee the delivery of energy even when solar radiation runs out. Also, and above all in this case, the correct sizing of the storage units is essential since, unlike the energy produced by the photovoltaic modules, any surplus power provided by the storage batteries cannot be fed into the grid.

Viceversa, if the photovoltaic system is going to produce a power greater than that actually used for the company's consumption (what is called self-consumption), it can be sold to the national electricity grid on the basis of economic fees, depending on different aspects that the grid operator recognizes to the manufacturer and therefore, in this case, to the company.

It is therefore evident that the technical solution proposed with photovoltaic systems, applied to a company, is particularly convenient.

Considering then that the ultimate goal of a company aims at the growth of its business, it is immediate to think how, thanks to the use of these plants economic savings are obtained for the lack of withdrawal of energy from the network, any positive production margin can be sold to the network distributor and all the proceeds of this double advantage can be reinvested for the development and growth of the company itself, bringing more liquidity that the company, on the contrary, could not obtain with the "traditional" energy supply.

PV for companies: the smart and sustainable solution

As highlighted so far, the technical-economic solution of installing a photovoltaic system for a company is, therefore, not only an intelligent solution to be undertaken but also the only way forward for the healthy and sustainable development of a company.

Considering even more the ever-increasing cost of energy and raw materials, the latter constantly decreasing on our planet, the solution proposed with the production of energy from photovoltaic is manifested as the best support that a company can provide to itself and to the entire community.


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