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Our History
Founded on February 14, 2006, the company was created with the aim of helping families and organizations to achieve the energy transition process.
In 2010 Greenergy built the first photovoltaic parks in collaboration with partners in the renewable energy sector.
In 2017 the internal reorganization process began, with the expansion of the range of products and services offered and the modification of the technical and commercial structure with the entry of new senior professionals. Valentino Vivo is thus appointed General Manager.
2021 is the year of consolidation: important collaborations with national industrial partners and international energy players are born. The Group is also enriched with managerial figures and opens new operational offices throughout the country.
Today Greenergy has over 90 employees in its offices in Apulia and Sardinia.  To these are about to be added two new branches in Lombardy and Lazio.

Implementing energy efficiency plans.


Zero impact in every human activity.

We are designers aware of being part of the change. Our actions must reflect this philosophy.

Andrea Cristini-Founder

Create together to grow together.

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Giuseppa Mola-CEO

With commitment and energy for the future of everyone

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Valentino Vivo-CEO

Taking care of energy means taking care of the life of every single living being.

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Mariangela Tocci-CFO

Contribute to change to create a better world.

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Tommaso Lentini-COO

Spread green cultures, create green projects.

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For us, facilitating the energy transition process means always being up to the qualitative, environmental and management challenges that the regulations impose.


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Main Customers & Partners

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