The future of agriculture
is solar

Agrivoltaics is the solution to make Sustainable Agriculture and Green Energy coexist.

Cos'è l'Agrivoltaico

What is Agrivoltaics

The MASE (formerly MITE) defines the Agrivoltaic as "a photovoltaic system that adopts solutions aimed at preserving the continuity of agricultural and pastoral cultivation activities on the installation site". It has also been established that within an Agrivoltaic Plant there is a specific percentage of area intended for agriculture (about 70% of the total area) and the remaining part will be occupied by photovoltaic modules "which can be assembled on arrangements and structures that support the agricultural function"

Agriculture and photovoltaics can coexist to face the climate change.

Know-how and experience in Agrivoltaics

Greenergy has extensive experience in Agrivoltaics. Since 2018 it has realized and developed projects for over 700 MW of power.

What are the normative references for Agrivoltaics?

Currently Agrivoltaico is mentioned in the following regulatory texts:

  • MASE (Ex MITE) guidelines
  • article 65, paragraph 1 -quater, decree law 24 January 2012, n. 1;
  • article 9-bis, DL Energy Article 9-bis, converted by law 27 April 2022, n. 34.

I Vantaggi dell'Agrivoltaico

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