The energy transition signed by Greenergy. Interview with Valentino Vivo


The energy transition signed by Greenergy. Interview with Valentino Vivo, Greenergy CEO

From the newspaper "IL MONDO" out July/August 2023 interview with Valentino Vivo (Greenergy CEO).

"Greenergy comes from an intuition ... The breakthrough came with the first collaboration with German investors: the implementation of the first photovoltaic parks allowed Greenergy a forward momentum that has paid off over time. In 2017 we started an internal reorganization process by expanding the range of services produced and offered, and in 2020, with the acquisition of large industrial and financial groups (such as Poste Italiane) among our costumers, there was a real take-off: today we have almost 100 employees, we have our own internal engeneering team and we deal with energy efficiency from multiple points of view... The company's goal is to become a leader in the renewable energy sector in Italy."

"Energy that creates Energy" is the company's motto: because the future is a serious matter and we need experts to deal with it.

The goals for the future, the challenges and opportunities of a team, such as Greenergy, that aims for success

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