Agrisolar Park Call: a great opportunity for the agricultural sector


Agrisolar Park Call: a great opportunity for the agricultural sector

Irrigation, processing and transformation of agricultural products, mechanical milking and refrigeration of milk, heating and cooling of workplaces are just some of the most energy-intensive activities that an agricultural entrepreneur performs every day.

At a time like this, environmental sustainability and the use of natural sources represent a fundamental tool to increase the productivity of the companies in the agricultural sector. In addition, engage in an energy efficiency process can help improve the company’s reputation and value.

The Agrisolar Park call, provided for by PNRR (italian acronym for National Recovery and Resilience Plan), aims to accelerate the process of energy transition in the agricultural, livestock and agro-industrial sectors.

The measure implies non-repayable grants up to 80% of the cost to install photovoltaic plants on buildings, excluding the use of the land.

Among the eligible interventions are covered:

  • photovoltaic plants on roofs of buildings
  • removal of asbestos
  • thermal insulation of roofs and construction of a ventilation system
  • energy storage systems
  • electric car charging systems

The call is intended for: agricultural entrepreneurs, individually or as a company; agro-industrial companies and agricultural cooperatives (which carry out activities referred to in Article 2135 of the Italian Civil Code, and cooperatives or their consortia referred to in Article 1, paragraph 2, of Legislative Decree no. 228/2001).

The Agrisolar Park call represents a great opportunity for agricultural sustainability, for an efficient management of water and soil resources, and to produce high-quality food. GREENERGY is a company active in the renewable energy sector for 17 years and has the tools and expertise to help companies realize the energy transition process.

Applications to participate can be submitted only for a month starting September 12.

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